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Date Your Featherweight

Dating & Rating your Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine 221 222
Did you know? That you can call the Singer company and get the birthdate of your machine. You must have the serial number, of course. The Singer # is1-800-4-SINGER

Singer Dating, US: 1-800-4Singer

Singer Dating, US: 1-800-877-7762

Singer Industrials Dating/Info., US: 1-800-342-6808

Dating your Singer machine









AI....1948 [yes that is i]

















White fw 1968 - 70

According to Nancy Johnson-Sbrebro and her book which is a reprint of the
original instruction book for Featherweights the following dates apply as
to the production date of your machine:
AD 1934
 AE    1936
 AF    1938
 AG    1941
 AH    1948
 AJ    1950
 AK    1952
 AL    1955
 AM    1956
 AN or higher - unknown
 AI    Skipped
 N....1900               L....1901           K....1902
 B....1904               H....1906           D....1908
 G--0,999,999....1909    G--2,500,000....1910
 G--4,400,000....1913    G--6,500,000....1916
 G--8,500,000....1919    G--9,999,999....1921
 F....1924               Y....1925
Model    Years made  Comments
24-50                treadle, small
27                   treadle
28-4                 hand-cranked, 3/4 size, vibrating shuttle
31kls                industrial
44kl3    1925        treadle
66                   treadle, drop-in bobbin
66-1                 treadle
99k                  3/4 size, hand-cranked or electric portable
99-13                knee-press
99k-28               portable
127                  treadle
128                  portable
132k6                industrial
185j     1960-62     green portable
191                  industrial
221      1933-56     featherweight
221-1       "
221b     1968-70     white  "
221j                 tan    ", beige
221k     1941-64     black  ", off white
221k1       "
221k5       "
221k7       "        white  "
221?        "        blue, green ?
222k     1941-64     free-arm
241-12               industrial
301      1953-59     slant needle; straight needle
301a        "        tan
301a        "        beige
327p                 plastic machine
331k4                industrial
338                  turquoise
591                  industrial, computer unit
Capri                new, white
Toys - model 20 ?
   Sewhandy ?

In 1905 some Singer's were manufactured under the name of 
Wheeler & Wilson

Queries: are these Singer machines?
Model #2 treadle born 6/26/1893
Toys - Shoe Patch 1912 ?
   Little Giant ?
34, 36, 38 ? (are these model #'s)
Godzilla ?
Date: 23 Feb 96 11:30:57 EST
From: Graham Forsdyke (100661.3256@compuserve.com)
Subject: Contributions/Factory designations

There's been some confusion over Singer factory designation codes, some,
understandably, believing that E was for England.
The following list is for all Singer "factories". I am using the word factory to
describe a location where machines were either built or assembled.
A Anderson South Carolina
AP Lagos Nigera
B       Bonnieres France
BE      Casablanca Morocco
BG      Bancock Thailand
C       Campinas Brazil
CH      Santiago Chili
Cy      Ratmalana Ceylon
E       Elizabeth NJ USA
F       Taytay Phillipines
G       Karlsruhe Germany
GH      Tema Ghana
H       Karachi Pakistan
HC      Chittigong East Pakistan
J       St Jaohns Canada
K       Clydebank Scotland
L       Bogota Colombia
LM      Kinshasha Congo
M       Monza Italy
ML      Petaling Malaysia
N       Taichung Taiwan
P       Penrith NSW Australia
PR      Lima Peru
Q       Johannesburg S Africa
R       Querataro Mexico
T       Delhi India
TN      Tunis Tunisia
U       Utsunomiga Japan
V       Buenos Aires Argentinia
VN      Saigon South Vietnam
Y       Maltepe Turkey
Z       Alcenon France
There were also "factories" in Wurselen in Germany and Alencon in France but I
can find no record of designations for them.
Just before the Russian Revolution, 1917 Singer built a vast plant in Russia but
after the dust settled it was taken over by the Bolsheviks. Whether it was given
a designating letter I do not know. The original showroom still stands in Moscow.
It is now a bookstore.


Subject: Different FW models
Hi, Featherweight Singer Sewing Machine Loves,
I was going to reply to Sheila via E-Mail but I thought this may be
of more general interest.

There were four different models of the featherweight the 221-1,
221K4, 221K5,and 221K7.

It sounds like you have a model 221K4. That is the only model of FW
that Singer made with the switch on the light housing, all the others have
the switch on the bed of the machine.

Another check you can make to determine which model you have is to
check the model number of the motor (see the plate mounted on the motor).
Each of the four models of the featherweights were originally furnished with
a different motor.
Model 221-1   Model Series 3  Motor
Model 221K4   Model CAK7  Motor
Model 221K5   Model CAJ6-8  Motor
Model 221K7   Model CAK8-8  Motor
Another distinguishing feature of the 221K4 is it is the only
featherweight model that has R.F. suppression with grounded wiring. All
that means is that it shouldn't interfere with radio or T.V. signals and
there should be a three prong plug to insert into the wall outlet.
Sorry I don't have any definitive information about which colors
each of the models was painted.

Jim in Thomaston GA

From: Graham Forsdyke
Subject: CONTRIBUTIONS/To Lisa: Re factory designations.

The factory designation, if it was not made in the USA, followed the model
number. Thus the 222K is clearly made in Scotland.

The serial number is more confusing.

I have in front of me as I write a Singer explanation of serial numbers. For
American machines it gives two examples.
The first is S8247053. The explanation tells us that:

the S was the particular assembly line on which the machine was put together

the 8 indicates 1981

the 247 indicates the day of the year (Sept 4)

the 053 indicates that it was the 53rd machine built that day.

The second example is A1061C027

the A indicates Anderson, South Carolina

the 1 indicates 1981

the 061 indicates the day of the year (March 2)

the C indicates the assembly line

the 027 indicates the 27th machine that day.

There are other examples for the plants in Scotland and in Germany.

It's probably the above system that the 0800 number uses to so-accurately date
machines and why they are sometimes multiples of ten years wrong as the 1 in the
second example could be 1951, 61, 71, 81 or 91. Presumably, models seldom lasted
more than a decade in the unchanged form so this wouldn't be too much of a problem.

Confused? So am I.

Subject: Singer serial numbers

Graham: After looking at the serial numbers of over 300 Featherweights that
are on the database, I can guarantee you that there are no encrypted build dates in the
serial numbers. The American serial numbers start at AD545389 (1933)and
methodically increase to AM696632 (1957). A good example to disprove your
explanation would be AK996181 and AL000663 (both of which I own, by the way,
and I can tell you they are identical, not built years apart). These two
machines both have build dates of 8/11/52 (along with 10 other machines on
the survey). You can see that Singer obviously used a standard progression in
assigning numbers. Maybe the explanation you were given by Singer predates
1933 or is for machines made later than the 1960's. Since your example is for
1981, I will guess the latter. Also, I haven't heard of Singer giving out
what appear to be bad build dates on their machines. They do frequently,
however, insist that certain machines are different model numbers than what
they obviously are. The data we get from Singer in New Jersey is more
frequently incorrect for the British machines than with the American. And
there are many serial numbers, mostly the more recent FW's, that Singer is
unable to give any estimate of build date on.

From: Graham Forsdyke
Subject: Contribution/To all
I"m just a little bit excited about this. Have just found burried deep in my
archive the definitite answer to thos white/mint-green FWs.
The source is a book published by Singer in 1980 for its reps and dealers and is
a photographic record "to provide an easy means of identification of sewing
machines sold in the UK from 1870 to 1862"

Each model is photographed and with a caption giving dates of manufacture and
other details.

From it we learn;
221K Black or PALE TOURQUOISE. Black machines produced in Britain from 1949
to 1955 when entire 221K production went over to the pale tourquoise. This ended in
1964, 222K Black only. Made from 1955 to 64.

So there we have it. No white or mint green. Obviously in '55 the Black 221K was
discontinued and the plant used for 222Ks with only Pale T 221Ks surviving the
model change.

From other information in the book I should be able to pin down the date of all K machines
if Singer USA do not have the UK information.
Date: 07 Mar 96 19:10:03 EST
From: Graham Forsdyke (100661.3256@compuserve.com)
Subject: Contribution
re DOB of 221K

" I have a pale turquoise FW (to me, it will always be mint
green) with a SN of F (then a verrry faint "A") 131629. Would
appreciate you letting me know its DOB. Singer was no help at
all. "

Just how faint is that letter A in the SN, Nancy? According to the records I'm
using which were rescued from Kilbowie when the factory closed, the Singer Co
went from EZ to FB without using FA at all. EZ was used from May '68 to April
'70 and FB from April '69 to June '71.

As far as I can tell the SNs on British machines did not allow a to-the-day DOB
until the 500 series started in 1973.

From what I read on Fanatics the Singer Co in the USA is dating many machines to
the day (allbeit with a few errors). I have written to them from ISMACS
requesting this dating information and, if it comes (they're a funny lot at
Singer nowadays) it will be interesting to see if there is any info on the K

The Kilbowie two-letter SN system was started in October 1935 with EA 1. When
they reached EA 999,999 they went onto EB 1.
I,O,U and W were not used with the E prefix. and from '74 the new SN system was
 introduced which was , in effect, a product coding rather than just a number.
Previous to '35 they used a single letter but not in alphabetical order -- or
anything like it.
Sorry I could not be of more help
From: Graham Forsdyke

Subject: Contribution

To Suzy/Becky re Singer dates.
Like Suzy I am rather suspicious about the Singer 800 number dates and also
about the 25,000 daily production -- that's over 7 million a year.

I have a lot of Singer records from the Scotish factory and much of it is

According to Singer UK it is not possible to date machines to the day until after 1970
when a code was used within the serial number.

It could well be that batches of numbers were allocated to various factories on
a given day (and this is the birthday we get) and used until exhausted when a
new batch would be allocated.

I have asked Singer USA to explain its system of dating machines but so far it has failed
to respond to my letters.

The situation with Becky's two machines is even odder. Singer tell her that her
66 was made in 1926 when my information says that the model was discontinued in

As for her second machine, the No 2, the situation gets into farce. The Singer No 2 was
a giant industrial machine with a one-and-a-half-inch-wide flat belt, a machine that no lady
and very few men could lift off the ground with ease.

Both the records held by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC and my own believe
 that 1873 is the date for the machine from the SN you give. I'm
going to guess that the base of the machine is shaped like the back of a fiddle
and, if so, it's a Singer New Family, not a No 2.

Subject: Identification/dating of machines

Here's the latest from Singer Consumer Affairs on 3 of my machines - any and
all comments are welcome, as I am totally confused at this point !
SN#01401132-treadle in stand w/ iron base (Singer in iron on cross-piece),
straight-edged base, Egytian decals in gold - winged Sphinx, fans, snake,

Singer says this is a Model 2-Vibrating Shuttle, part of the series
998550-10235499, mfg'd. Mar. 3, 1891

SN#8660107-originally a treadle, but converted by Sewing Machine Exchange
in B'ham, Ala - has Universal motor on it, base is fiddle-shaped and is in a
portable carrying case - machine fits into base of case, the top comprising
the sides and top w/handle. Singer says this is also a Model 2-Vibrating
Shuttle, part of the series 8647000-8746999, mfg'd. Apr.27, 1889
SN#AB113401 - side load bobbin, floral decals, knee lever, in newer model
stand. Singer says this is a 66-6, mfg'd July 8, 1926 -one of the models made
between 1902-1933, the 66-19, they say, was mfg'd between 1902-1960.

Does this agree with or contradict the information other FWF members have?

Does anyone have any extra parts,accessories for these machines? Any guesses
as to their value? I am wondering if they are worth insuring.


Subject: measurements

I just measured the lengths on 4 popular Singer machines and here they are.
Note, I do not have a case for the 301. Also, bed length on FW and 301 was
taken with the extension in the DOWN position. I hope this helps. Millie

            FW      66      99      301
body            10      15      12      14
bed             15      18      16      16
case            13      20      17      ?

Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 10:38:58 -0500 (EST)
From: Kristina Santilla 
Subject: Survey Update

I sent this message Jan. 9, and I truly apologize if this ends up being a
duplicate, but I haven't seen it appear yet after 6 days...

Time for another Featherweight Survey update! If you would like to add
your machine(s) to the database please e-mail me at
santilla@umd5.umd.edu and I will send you a survey form, or you can fill
one out at http://quilt.com/FWFanatics/FWFSurvey.html

521 people have responded to the survey with information on 982
Featherweights, which is an average of almost 2 per person. The survey
has been ongoing since October 15, 1995, which is an average of more
than 2 surveys submitted per day. This is the breakdown:
426 people have 1 machine.
71 people have 2 machines.
25 people have 3 machines.
14 people have 4 machines.
2 people have 5 machines.
5 people have 6 machines.
4 people have 7 machines.
4 people have 8 machines.
1 person has 9 machines.
1 person has 10 machines.
1 person has 13 machines.
1 person has 14 machines.
1 person has 20 machines.
1 person has 24 machines.
1 person (dealer) has 60 machines.

The following is the number of people who responded by state, and the
number of machines by state: AK-5 persons with 14 machines, AL-10/22,
AR-2/2, AZ-14/19, CA-72/118, CO-5/6, CT-6/6, DE-1/1, FL-19/37, GA-10/12,
IA-12/19, ID-4/4, IL-18/24, IN-13/16, KS-7/7, KY-2/3, LA-4/4, MA-9/11,
MD-13/40, ME-4/5, MI-25/28, MN-7/11, MO-8/9, MS-1/3, MT-2/10, NC-7/11,
NE-6/8, NH-4/6, NJ-18/23, NM-5/15, NV-1/1, NY-22/33, OH-24/32, OK-4/78,
OR-23/27, PA-20/36, SC-2/3, SD-1/1, TN-5/9, TX-24/32, UT-3/4, VA-31/54,
VT-1/1, WA-32/43, WI-11/11, WY-4/6,  Australia-8/9, Alberta, Canada-
3/10, British Columbia, Canada-7/10, Nova Scotia, Canada-2/6, Ontario,
Canada-18/30, New Zealand-3/4, Taiwan-1/1, United Kingdom-1/1. Missing
from the United States are: Hawaii, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and West

The following is the breakdown of machines based on serial# prefix:

Black American: Total=800
AD-45, AE-58, AF-96, AG-66, AH-109, AJ-131, AK-96, AL-122, AM-77. 
These range from 10/3/33 to 9/27/57.

Black British: Total=108
EE-9, EF-15, EG-10, EH-18, EJ-7, EK-4, EL-6, EM-10, EN-3, EP-3, ER-3,
ES-20. These range from 12/24/47 to 8/19/61. This includes 29
freearm model 222's.

Tan: Total=10
ES-5 British all with 8/19/61 "birthdate"
JE-5 Canadian, "birthdate" unknown

White: Total=64
EV-40 EW-2, EY-4, FA-18 beginning with 8/1/63, but the
earliest on the list that Singer agrees is a model 221 is 3/3/64. The
last machine that Singer is able to give a date on is EW070170 with a
"birthdate" of  8/6/68.


The average price paid for a black 221 since 1990 has been $231. 86
were purchased for under $100, and the most expensive was $600.

The average price paid for a 221 with a centennial medallion was $295.

The average price paid for a 222 Freearm since 1990 has been $504. The
lowest price paid was $68 and the highest was $1500.

The average price paid for a white machine was $228, with 8 purchased
for under $100 and the most expensive was $400.

The average price paid for a tan machine was $289.

Below are the known ranges of all the "birthdates". If you know any
serial numbers that can help make this more accurate please let me know.
I am also keeping records of serial numbers for other model numbers.
The ones with * are the first or last in the range according to Singer's
datapages. Since machines didn't leave the plant in the order of their
serial numbers (in fact, not even close!) pinpointing when changes were
made to the FW involves much guesstimating, so don't be too upset if
your machine doesn't agree with the estimates below.

Serial number * Qty on survey * Known serial numbers * Comments

10/3/33  - 8   AD541582 - AD551490 Original price around $84.
9/10/34  - 7   AD722963 - AD730704 One of these has a Chicago
           World's Fair medallion (the fair ended 10/31/34)..
11/27/34 - 9   AD781921 - AD791611
3/18/35  - 5   AD880807 - AD886344
6/24/35  - 11  AD937987 - AD946230
9/23/35  - 10  AD996956*- AD999999* 3044 machines in this allotment.
9/23/35  - 5   AE000001*- AE006956                                    
12/30/35 - 7   AE054399 - AE064320
3/25/36  - 5   AE077668 - AE083652
7/13/36  - 4   AE207784 - AE222356 One of these has a Texas Centennial
           Exposition medallion.
9/10/36  - 2   AE240396 - AE258254 Singer says these are model 15.
11/5/36  - 8   AE296761 - AE307347
3/15/37  - 6   AE410690 - AE418355
6/11/37  - 11  AE538252 - AE555917 Beginning of numbered tension knob.
12/8/37  - 4   AE775090 - AE784170
5/24/38  - 6   AE977277 - AE989049
10/10/38 - 9   AF070706*- AF090705* 20000 this allotment. One of these
           has a Golden Gate Expo medallion.
2/15/39  - 12  AF161806*- AF181805* 20000 this allotment. One of these
           has a satin finish.
7/11/39  - 7   AF244754 - AF259587
12/5/39  - 8   AF372202 - AF391406 One of these has a matte finish.
4/10/40  - 6   AF480501 - AF487401
5/15/40  - 5   AF490039 - AF496659
5/15/40  - 2   AF541842 - AF544631 Singer says these are model 201.
6/19/40  - 2   AF551518 - AF556564 Singer says these are model 66-14.
8/15/40  - 16  AF571881*- AF596880* 25000 in this allotment. Stitch
           length indicator changed to new style during this run.
           These sold new for around $105. Three of these have a
           matte finish.
1/7/41   - 11  AF740751*- AF760750* 20000 in this allotment.
4/1/41   - 9   AF864720 - AF883842
5/14/41  - 4   AF932929 - AF940317 Singer says these are model 15.
7/1/41   - 0   AF998751 - AF999999*
7/1/41   - 8   AG000001*- AG015496

The U.S. was involved in WWII 12/7/41 to 9/2/45 Singer did produce some home,
but mostly industrial models during this period. Involvement with a federal
munitions contract kept machine production minimized. Singer dealers
couldn't get FW's, so had waiting lists.

9/19/45  - 10  AG527051 - AG538056 To illustrate how long it took to get
     a FW after the war, one FW ordered 12/46 received one  
           from this allotment 8/47.
2/18/46  - 8   AG607254 - AG621352
6/4/46   - 3   AG689391*- AG709390* 20000 this allotment.
9/16/46  - 8   AG804867 - AG821221
11/22/46 - 17  AG869669 - AG888171
2/19/47  - 8   AG971467 - AG988311
4/22/47  - 11  AH050371*- AH070370* 20000 this allotment.
6/26/47  - 7   AH111971*- AH131970* 20000 this allotment.
8/19/47  - 20  AH193771*- AH223770* 30000 this allotment. Faceplate
           changed to striated around this time.
10/28/47 - 7   AH318696 - AH345306
1/22/48  - 13  AH417066 - AH443159 One of these sold new for $145.
4/20/48  - 11  AH550998 - AH578163 Motor changed from part #3-110 to
           #3-120 during this range. One of these was purchased new
           for $125.
6/18/48  - 18  AH641832 - AH670007
10/1/48  - 11  AH800504 - AH827702
12/9/48  - 10  AH973921 - AH999999* 26079 this allotment. One of these
           was purchased new for $148.
12/9/48  - 2   AJ000001*- AJ013920* 13920 this allotment.
3/15/49  - 17  AJ103721*- AJ143720* 40000 this allotment. One of these
           was purchased new for $145.
11/18/49 - 17  AJ189901 - AJ222043
1/23/50  - 13  AJ350326 - AJ387117 One has Anniversary medallion.
3/31/50  - 18  AJ558317 - AJ598653 One of these was purchased new for
           $140. Case changed from lift out style to shelf on left
           around this run. Four have Anniversary medallion.
6/1/50   - 22  AJ619230 - AJ651478 Six have Anniversary medallion.
8/22/50  - 23  AJ784363 - AJ819043 One of these was purchased new for
           $125. 15 have Anniversary medallion.
10/26/50 - 19  AJ890180 - AJ935335 15 have Anniversary medallion.
1/29/51  - 18  AK071321*- AK121320* 50000 this allotment. 15 Anniv.
           One of these was originally sold in Brazil. One was
           purchased new for $150.
5/10/51  - 19  AK390162 - AK433825 16 Anniversary.
10/31/51 - 26  AK576793 - AK626506 21 Anniversary.
2/20/52  - 22  AK747259 - AK794948 5 Anniversary.
           medallion, the rest have the black band medallion.
8/11/52  - 10  AK984876*- AK999999* 15124 this allotment. One of these
           was purchased new for $154.
8/11/52  - 15  AL000001*- AL034875* 34875 this allotment. Around this
           run seam allowance gauge was added.
12/12/52 - 24  AL158501*- AL208500* 50000 this allotment.
5/4/53   - 21  AL389869 - AL437088  Riveted model number (221-)began to
           be added below medallion.
10/14/53 - 21  AL525925 - AL574437 Gold leaf changed from ornate to
           plainer style during this run.
4/22/54  - 15  AL690074 - AL737129
1/17/55  - 26  AL900891*- AL950890* 50000 this allotment. One of these
           was purchased new for $169.
6/10/55  - 21  AM137761*- AM187760* 50000 this allotment.
2/27/56  - 21  AM363264 - AM407667
1/29/57  - 29  AM654512 - AM701824
9/27/57  - 4   AM778657 - AM802495

12/24/47 - 1   EE355176   This was purchased new for $140. Singer says
           this is a model 15K.
9/16/48  - 6   EE804417 - EE811303
12/10/48 - 2   EE854764 - EE855230
5/25/49  - 4   EF154453 - EF164154
8/17/49  - 6   EF280789 - EF284937
11/7/49  - 3   EF560957 - EF568289 One has Anniversary medallion.
4/24/50  - 1   EF710384   Has Anniversary medallion.
7/19/50  - 1   EF910065
12/18/50 - 3   EG305050 - EG311235 Two have Anniversary medallion.
2/15/51  - 3   EG345697 - EG349933
7/17/51  - 2   EG705892 - EG709994 Medallion changed to black band style
           during this run.
10/17/51 - 2   EG957781*- EG967780* 10000 this allotment.
12/18/51 - 3   EH001027*- EH011026* 10000 this allotment.
2/29/52  - 2   EH134457 - EH137508
7/22/52  - 3   EH371407 - EH372357
10/8/52  - 4   EH628966 - EH633412
3/4/53   - 6   EH892062 - EH899410 Gold leaf changed from ornate to
           plainer style during this run.
9/4/53   - 1   EJ215767   Riveted model number began to be added below
11/18/53 - 1   EJ268111   Freearm. Seam allowance gauge added.
3/31/54  - 2   EJ622009 - EJ626073 Freearm.
10/18/54 - 3   EJ910263 - EJ917545 Freearm. One of these was purchased
           new for $200.
2/14/55  - 0   EK203130*- EK213138* 10000 this allotment.
3/14/55  - 2   EK319939*- EK329938* 10000 this allotment. Freearm. Seam
           allowance gauge added.
8/16/55  - 1   EK636711   Freearm.
12/20/55 - 1   EK989974
3/2/56   - 6   EL177459 - EL182834 Freearm.
9/17/56  - 1   EL681869   Freearm
2/26/57  - 2   EM236028 - EM238545 Freearm.
8/2/57   - 1   EM601123   Freearm.
11/15/57 - 7   EM957428 - EM961079 Freearm.
3/17/58  - 1   EN138845   Freearm.
5/1/58   - 1   EN327004
10/27/58 - 1   EN827450
2/25/59  - 1   EP095977
3/3/59   - 0   EP131001*- EP133500* 2500 this allotment. Freearm.
5/18/59  - 1   EP256021*- EP257520* 1500 this allotment.
9/22/59  - 1   EP541572*- EP544071* 2500 this allotment. Freearm.
           Medallion changed to brass with red "S" around this time.
12/18/59 - 0   EP758473*- EP760972* 2500 this allotment. Freearm.
3/15/60  - 1   ER022034*- ER024533* 2500 this allotment. Freearm.
5/30/60  - 1   ER317143   Freearm.
6/16/60  - 1   ER318063   Freearm. Singer says this is a 185K/99K/192K.
10/19/60 - 1   ES165344*- ES167843* 2500 this allotment. Freearm.
11/3/60  - 3   ES170544*- ES175543* 5000 this allotment.
1/10/61  - 5   ES239244*- ES249243* 10000 this allotment. Freearm.
1/31/61  - 0   ES352344*- ES357343* 10000 this allotment. Freearm.
3/30/61  - 0   ES522944*- ES527943* 5000 this allotment. Freearm.
5/2/61   - 1   ES627518   Singer says this is a 328K.
5/15/61  - 4   ES648144*- ES658143* 10000 this allotment.
8/19/61  - 6   ES873744*- ES883743* 10000 this allotment. 5 tan, one
           black. 3 tan are 221-J, 2 tan are 221-K.
11/2/61  - 0   ET061345*- ET071344* 10000 this allotment.
8/1/63   - 1   EV319021   White. Singer says this is a 15K.
3/3/64   - 3   EV776991*- EV826990* White. 50000 this allotment.
4/13/64  - 2   EV892928 - EV895069 White. Singer says these are a 133K
           and a 195K.
4/21/64  - 3   EV906211 - EV907883 White. Singer says these are 331K's.
5/5/64   - 3   EV909763 - EV913058 White. Singer says these are 185K's.
5/7/64   - 2   EV916502 - EV918383 White. Singer says these are 246K's.
5/13/64  - 13  EV919198*- EV969197* White. 50000 this allotment. Singer
           says these are 328K's.
6/11/64  - 9   EV972815 - EV988985 White. Singer says these are 285K's.
6/22/64  - 1   EV990482 - EV994718 White. Singer says this is a 196K.
7/3/64   - 1   EV999684   White. Singer says this is a 300K.
8/6/68   - 2   EW063588 - EW070170 White.
unknown  - 4   EY844634 - EY992524 White.
unknown  - 18  FA103014 - FA235830 White.

unknown  - 5   JE152250 - JE160854 Tan.

There are 68 American and 61 British "birthdates" above. Assuming each
one averages 20,000 there were over 2,500,000 Featherweights made.
Adding just these above ranges up "proves" that there were 1,947,069

* Accessories:  19% of the respondents have the oil can, 61% have most
 or all feet and 56% have the manual. 16% have none of the above.
* There are 50 different manual revisions reported.
* There are 109 machines on the database with the anniversary medallion.
 That's more than 10%. Only 6 of these are British.

Hope this settles everyone's survey cravings for a while.
After much procrastination, I've decided to get a homepage so I can keep
this table above updated and available, along with parts lists and some
other information. I'll let you all know when it is finally up and running.

Happy Featherweighting,


jump209 said...

hello; I am new to this but here I go I have a singer sewing machine and cabinet that has been in the family for a while now it started off with my grandmas mother. Then was give to her and has now been pasted down to my mother, who has finally given it to me but I would like some more information on it can you please help me. The serial number is JA549403

Anonymous said...

I have a Singer Featherweight which I bought second-hand from the Singer shop in Umtali, Rhodesia (later Mutare, Zimbabwe)in 1961. It was a wonderful little machine, coping with all my sewing requirements, from children's (and adults') clothes to curtains for some 15 years, till I acquired a machine with embroidery stitches. I brought it to Australia, where I recently had it serviced and hope to sell it to a quilter. I shall be sad to see it go, but it should be made use of.

Anonymous said...

I have a Featherweight with an AK 61**** serial number, which should mean it was manufactured in October, 1951, which should make it a Centennial model. However, the emblem is a regular one and not the special Centennial emblem. Any insight on why it wouldn't have the Centennial emblem?

Anonymous said...

Hi Krisi,
I have a FW 221-1 with serial #AL689135, from what I've read elsewhere the April 22, 1954 production date began with #AL689041. I would be interested if you or anyone else has more info on this. Also, are the numbers sequential? If so, does that make mine likely to be the 94th one made during that batch and most likely made on the first day? Or was production simply started on that day (Thu. April 22, 1954) and it took a few days for the first finished machines to start flowing steadily off of the assembly line because of an initial start-up period.

Anonymous said...

Hi there I have a singer machine in a cabinet with the bracket for the knee press manuals dated 1934 and it works fine. The serial number is JA828696. I am not sure on making sure that the booklet is a replacement one which may not be the date of the machine...I did not see any of these numbers listed. I would appreciate any type of help on this thanks. Heather

scrapsgalore said...

I have purchased a Green/white/turquoise? FW and the serial # is EV 885766, according to your list I have, one set starts with EV 82699l0 and the next set starts with EV 906211. Since mine falls between, can you help me date this one? Thanks - Carol