Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Featherweight Tables




From: Kristina Santilla
Subject: Table variations

Also, no one has mentioned the tables! I am aware of at least
four variations, does anyone know of any others? There's the wood folding
with wood legs, the wood folding with metal legs, the folding with an
extension, and a burl maple desk type. I haven't actually seen the last
two, just heard stories. Apparently the serial numbers on the folding
tables can even match the serial numbers of the machines!
Subject: Featherweight Tables

On tables there also seems to be two 4 types. The variations are walnut or
gummwood veneer tops and wooden or metal legs. I have 3 tables for sale if
any one is interested. I sell them for $200 refinished. I don't sell them in
the rough or ship (I think you should see one before you buy it) and take only
cash. If anyone is in the Mpls./St. Paul area I would be happy to show them
the tables.

Jim Aysta
Phone 612/430-1292
Subject: Reproduction Featherweight Table again

Ok, here's the whole message-sorry for the error.
I found a flyer advertising reproduction featherweight tables at Houston but
never found a booth displaying one. Thought I'd pass the information along
anyway, in case anyone wanted to pursue it. The flyer says the table was

drom original Singer "Featherweight" table Model 312" and is all wood with a
natural birch top. Black enamel rame and legs, 31"x31"x27 1/2" high. Specify
if for black or colored model 221 machine.

The name and number to contact is given as Andy Fields, 913,566-3788

Has anyone seen one of these? No price given...what do the originals go for?
Sandy Wilcox
From: (Kim Mehalick)
Subject: interesting things I learned at the singer line today

2. The Singer customer service gave me the name of a man in Kansas(?)
Andy Fields. His number is 913-566-3788.
He makes both a reproduction wooden case, and a
reproduction table. His cases are wooden, with a handle and painted
black. They sell for $55 plus shipping and handling.
The reproduction tables are $198. They have wooden legs with black enamel
trim and the top is a natural birch top. I have not
seen his stuff, but would love to know if anyone has seen his
case, and if it is worth the money.
From: "Shirley E. Senitza"

Speaking of Singer FW you know that Singer also made another type of
FW cabinet? It is a Cabinet 68 and is described as "...a simple and
attractive, early American Cabinet especially designed for use with the 221
Machine. Strongly constructed of fine hard maple and smoothly finished, this
cabinet combines beauty with utility. The oval top is quickly removed and
replaced and provides a spacious table when the cabinet is closed. A spool rack
is attached to the left door and there is ample storage room for attachments."
This description is quoted from Singer's own "Machine Sewing" book--a Treatise
on the Care and Use of Family Sewing Machines and Their attachments, dated 1948.
(If you can find any of these books that Singer published for Home Ec teachers,
get it!) My Singer people have only seen one of these maple cabinets, in a
client's home, and they say it is good looking. Ah, another thing for we FWFs
need to look for!
Subject: Tables
From: Terry (

LAURA: You wondered if your FW would fit any of the cabinets you are
seeing in antique stores. I adapted a cabinet that held a 3/4 head Singer.
The Singer was in the base of a bentwood case and this whole unit fit into
the cabinet. In other words there were no hinges holding the machine. I
removed case and machine, bolted two 2x4s down in the opening of the cabinet
, and the FW was perfectly flush with the top of the cabinet. You can fill
in the remainder of the opening with a wood cut-out. I cut styrofoam to fit
the opening, covered it with shiny black tape and it matches the machine
Subject: Info about new FW table

Dear Leslie, Becky, Barbara and everybody - This address for the reproduction
FeatherWeight Table was originally posted to this List by someone else but I
have no record of who it was. I do not know this man either but he does
beautiful work. The table is like a very sturdy wooden card-table with
folding legs, black trim and a birch surface. There is a neat cut-out that
clips in place for a flat smooth table, or lifts out so your FW fits right
down in flush with the table top and sits on a little dropped platform inside
the hole. The whole thing is really nicely made and those of us who
appreciate crafts(wo)manship will be very pleased. When the FW is in place
and sewing the whole table is steady as a rock - this is a piece of furniture
- but when folded up I can easily lift it. Needless to say I am thrilled.
Other people on this List have had some luck finding the original tables for
anywhere from $35 to $200. I never find anything! These tables are made by
Andy Fields, 742 Shawnee Road, Pomona, Kansas 66076
(913) 566-3788. (No CCs, this is your original Mom & Pop operation) There is
a short waiting list - about one month. I paid $198 plus shipping and worth
every penny to me! No affiliation, blahblahblah, happy customer etc
From: (Carol Austin)
Subject: FW Tables

The reproduction FW tables are made by Andy Fields, 742 Shawnee Rd. Pomona,
KS 66076, phone 913 566-3788. Very nicely made and designed from original
Singer FW table Model 312. All wood, natural birch top, black enamel frame
and legs. Insert locks into top when machine is removed. Hinged legs fold
like a card table. Measures 31" x 31" x 27 1/2" high. Specify if for black
or colored model 221 machine. He also makes a very nice black wood
replacement case for FWs for $55. The table sold at Paducah for $198. The
table is a really nice addition to your FW and fun to use. Nice man,
excellent accessories.


Ohio Singer said...

I live in Ohio and have one foldable card table and one Model 68 table. Both have serial numbers and are in excellent condition. Have been display pieces. I am moving and have been looking for a collector or sewing enthusiast to purchase them or one. I also have a black and a tan featherweight for sale.

Primitive Stitches said...

My husband bought a featherweight folding card table.Wood top,rough,vener is "poppingpr peeling back in some spots" needs to be redone.Has metal folding legs ,but are not black,but brown metal. Has cut out for machine,to set down in. Had model/serial number on bottom - A428300. Does anyone have any more info,or can tell me where to look for more info? I just want to verify that this is indeed for a featherweight model?

Iowa quilter said...

I have one of the wooden tables that you've talked about. It has a removable oval top. Under the top is a cutout where you insert the machine with 2 recessed metal brackets that hold the machine. There are two doors on the front with spool pins on the doors. The bottom of the shelf inside the doors is hinged so part of it folds back to make more leg room. It has a matching seat/stool with storage under the seat. It is a maple finish but probably veneer. The top has some cosmetic damage, but antique people say to leave it alone. I bought it at an auction quite a while ago along with the 221 machine.

Anonymous said...

There is a 68 Featherweight cabinet with a lift(?) for sale in Perterborough NH on Craigslist. Its in a little antique sewing machine shop full of machines and the old peddle tables. The guy says its all original and that there is an antique magazine article that was written about it. Saw it today and it is beautiful!! It has the magazine with it. He's asking $800. It was $1100. about a month ago when my wife first stopped into his shop. My wife may win me over on this. We've never seen on with that lift before!

ktgeb said...

I live in Texas and am looking for a Singer #68 Cabinet. Does anyone have or know of one for sale?
Thanks Karen 210-414-7301