Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Freearm 222 Singer Featherweight



From: Kristina Santilla santilla@umd5.umd.edu
Subject: Freearms 222 for quilting?

 3)  Free Arm machines.  I am told that these are extremely rare.  My singer
 guy has only seen two in 35 years.  I wonder what I would use it for in

The freearm is the perfect machine quilting sewing machine for small
projects. It has the darning feature, which means the feed dogs drop so
you can do free-motion. The 221's need to have the feed dogs covered with
a plate (cardboard, etc.) to achieve this.
From: graham forsdyke
Subject: 240 volt conversions

Two ways of going about this.
First, and cheapest, but not the neatest, is a voltage converter.
Essentially a small box that sits between the machine and the power source
(wall socket).
If you go this route I'd advise buying from  Glen Williams or Chris Vat.
rather than WallMart or RadioShack. Our guys know the correct wattage for
the job in hand.

I find most of my customers opt for a  full motor conversion to original
110-volt specification. Gives a plug in and sew  facility  and the motors
get an as-new guarantee.

Works out more expensive  but I can offer a 24 hour turnaround on an
exchange basis if your motor casing is undamaged  You need only send me the

Just realised that this sounds a little like those  thinly disguised
advertisments that have been pervading this digest lately. Sorry about that
but the question was asked and deserved its answer.

Graham Forsdyke
From: susan L K
Subject: transformers for 220 volt machines to 110 volt supply

Just a comment about transformers, or converters. I bought one at a local
electronics supply store and the Magic Word is: 100 WATTS.  At least for
the 222. I even tried it using a variable wattage transformer and set it
at 50 watts which was the rating of my 221. When you hit the pedal the
light dimmed on the 222. That's called CHEAP. So the next higher wattage
rating is 100. Go for it.  I paid $40 for a unit with a nice pretty case
and ON/OFF switch and best of all, CAREFULLY packed it fits inside the sm
case with the machine and foot pedal, so it travels fine.  Then I found
the mail order dealer HOSFELT (orders: 800-524-6464 or 888264-6464) with
a nice group of these Voltage Converters.They come in wattages starting
at 100 and going up (200, 500, 750, 1000, 1500 etc priced accordingly).
The 100 watt unit is $18.95 and is stock part number 56-638. You plug it
in the wall and plug your machine into it. You turn it on (safety switch)
and go. It works either way (step up for 110 volt machines in England OR
step down for 220 volt machines in the US) so you have to set the little
slide switch for the one you want. Oh, shipping is $6.50 and they refund
you any difference if it's less. SusanLK

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Tricky said...

I have 1957 Featherweight that has the free arm My repair man says I may need a new motor soon as my motor is starting to slip should I do a conversion on it to just plug in or get a new motor. My machine is fairly pristine despite its age.