Thursday, August 23, 2012

Featherweight Foot Pedals



Subject: Sticky Foot Control

1)  Sticky foot control - I started having this problem when I was away at a
class, there was a lot of wet sand on the way into the building, and I
thought I had gotten some in the foot control.  BTW, the rest of my machine
is always well oiled.  Well, anyway, the foot control would stick down, or
on, and I could only get it to stop sewing by unplugging the machine and then
banging the foot control a couple of times.  Eventually I came up with the
bright idea of putting some drops of oil around the little knob on the foot
control that goes up and down.  That finally fixed it and have had no trouble
Subject: FW Even Feed Foot

      Anyone having problems with their foot pedals sticking should remove
the four corner screws. Lift the top off and oil the moving part(s) inside
and clean out the dust.  I was able to get several to work smoothly again.
 Did someone say that the little rubber circles on the foot pedal can be
replaced?  Is there a source other than the sew. mach. repair shop?  Thanks
and I have learned so much from all your mail.  Spent $7 copying and mailing
the Sept. Archives to a FW friend in California who can't get the Internet.
 She literally begged me to send the stuff to her but it was already on my
to-do list.
Subject: FW Foot Pedal Cords

Here is a tip on replacing foot pedal cords.  I purchase a good quality black
cord at the hardware store.  I get the same length already used between the
plug and the foot pedal but buy a length at least three times longer for use
between the two plugs.  This way I rarely have to use an extension cord when
I go to classes.  Just be sure to have someone who knows what they are doing
install the new cord as switching wires can cause problems.  I got a guy to
knock $25 off a FW because when he showed it to me each time he ran the
machine the light would turn off!  Luckily I knew I could have it fixed with
new wiring (thanks to my friend Doug in CA).
Subject: Featherweight Cord
From: Terry ragdoll

  Gail:  If you don't find original Singer cord for your FW, go to the
hardware store and purchase a med. weight black cord and a new wall plug.  A
friend has replaced it on several of mine at $10 each.  Don't get a thin
cord (like on lamps) but don't get it TOO thick or you won't be able to re-
close the plug that goes into your machine.  Be sure to put an extra long
length of cord between the machine and the wall plug so you don't have to
resort to using extension cords in classes.  (One of mine accidentally got a
longer cord put onto the foot pedal and it drags all over the floor!   :-0
 I giggle each time I think about it!)
From:  (Carrie Bryan)
Subject: FW spotted for sale

He couldn't fix my foot pedal, btw.  It's very interesting how these things
work:  in the early models, the electrical contacts are separated by a stack
of carbon disks (he said they look like dimes but I haven't taken it apart
yet to confirm it).  As you press down on the button, the carbon disks are
compressed and the electrical current flows through more strongly, so your
machine goes faster.  Over time, the carbon disks crack and crumble.  That's
what happened to my 1934 foot pedal.  So he wired up a replacement, which
works fine but scoots along the carpet so I'm constantly having to hook the
thing with my toe (yes, barefoot sewing:  I'm learning not to drop pins) and
pull it forward again.  He says they don't make foot pedals that way any
more, that's why he couldn't just replace the innards but had to replace the
entire pedal.  Thanks to the FW Fanatic who diagnosed the problem!  He said
she got it right on the nose.  The good news was that he had to keep my baby
for only an hour, a book-and-gift-store where I'd reserved a book was liter-
ally across the street, and so I could spend the hour and lots of money on
Christmas presents while I waited, and not think of my baby languishing in
the FW hospital.  Outpatient surgery, as it were.  ;-)



AndrosCreations said...

In regards to the foot controllers... A google search brought me to this blog because my footpedal just broke.. Its not for a sewing machine. I'm a metalsmith and I use a Foredom flex shaft which requires a footpedal (just like a sewing machine). Anyways... I took the pedal apart and located all the carbon discs that were in the ceramic piece. I took all the discs out (There were perhaps 25 or thereabouts).. A couple of them were broken and without the broken ones in place, there wasn't a wide enough line of carbon discs to even make contact... so instead of replacing the carbon discs, I just made two copper discs out of copper sheet and put them in the place of the carbon discs. I also cleaned the connections real well...So far it works great! I couldn't have understood it without the above information though. Thanks!..and I hope my post can perhaps help someone else!


Anonymous said...

I've had my featherweight since I was about 24 years old. I'm now 57. It's a good little machine...simple, easy to operate and it sews really well. Just wish when I had taken it in for repair many many years ago that the repairman would not have replaced the original foot pedal. I loved it. I don't like the metal one he put on. Anyone know of a way to snag an old one? I wonder if there is a website that has old parts?


Yoga with Gaileee, E-RYT said...

Yes, snag a foot controller from my mother, Deloris Pickens at 580 765-6125! Thanks for the comments!

Gail Pickens-Barger

stocknovice said...

I am replacing the cord that goes between the foot pedal and the Feahterweight. Do you have a wiring diagram? I think that the one wire from the plug goes to the center of the sm plug (pin2) and the other goes to either pin 1. One of the foot petal wires goes to pin 2 and the other goes to pin 3. is this correct? I'm fairly sure that the center pin is the point that one wire from the plug and one from the foot petal meet. Not sure about which wire goes to pin 1 and which to pin 3.

Charlie Levan