Monday, September 10, 2012

Ruffles on Winter pants (or, have I grown taller since December?)

Here we go!  Adding ruffles to the end of her toddler pants from last winter.  Using my Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing machine, and the 221 (which other models can use too), ruffler.

Sewing the wrong sides together, before putting it into the ruffler.  The ruffler doesn't seam to want to put much material through it (thickness wise).  Maybe there is an adjustment to make on the ruffler, to take thicker fabric?  Mom?

Using my 1/4 patchwork foot on my Singer Featherweight 221 machine.

Here I am using the Ruffler for the 221 machine, on the edge that I just sewed together.
Putting the ruffled material, now on the capri pant.
I'm sewing the ruffle on.  I switch back and forth between the ruffler and the 1/4 inch foot like in no time.
After ironing, topstitching, to further set the seam.
And here are the pants!
Here is the model wearing her new capri pants, with matching ruffle hair bow from previous project!  Lots of orange in this household (Go POKES - Oklahoma State University!)

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