Sunday, September 30, 2012

Magazine and Book mentions

Actually, it is the fourth mention of Gaileee's Singer Sewing Machine website in magazines.

  • Best of Forbes, purchasing a featherweight from us vs. ebay
  • SewNews, Singer Featherweight Link
  • Creative Machine, Singer Featherweight Link (I believe, either that or a direct mention of my mother, Deloris Pickens)
  • And this Quilter's Home issue for Oct/Nov with the cute pugs on the cover!
  • Well, and plus the mentions in the 2nd and 3rd edition of Nancy Johnson-Srebro's Singer Featherweight book (my crinkle machine is in there!)
I'm looking to see on my link site, if other people have linked to me. (reciprocating is a nice thing to do), so be looking for emails asking!

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