Monday, September 10, 2012

Ruffles, can a girl have too many?

Adding a ruffle to the bottom of the top.  Whoops!  I should have added the rest of the strips to the fabric before I added it to the top!  Well, you only make a mistake once (hopefully) to learn this lesson.  Grace wanted to wear this before I finished it!  (An idea for later!)

Here is the added strip, then a mix of colors for the added ruffle.  I had to gather the top of this strip, in order to fit it easily to the bottom ruffle on the top.  Worked out well, and was easy to put together.  So maybe this is an okay way to do it.  I'll have to get out my Pfaff or Serger that Tammy gave me, and next time finish off the edges with a zigzag, or a sergered (oh my gosh!) edge.  The serger scares even has the thread, still threaded in it, so I'll have no problem threading....hmmm.

Here she is at Mother's Day Out, wearing her bulldog print dress.  The girls tend to wear their cheerleader outfit, or school t-shirts the weeks, that a football game occurs.  Right here, Grace is trying to get Cooper to wake up.  "Wake Up Cooper!"  He still sleeps!

And one of her 24 month skirts, I added a test ruffle that I initially did with my Singer Featherweight 221 ruffle attachment.  She can still wear the skirt, as she is no longer in diapers!  (Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose!)

What else can I ruffle?  Ideas anyone?  Please give me a post/link and I'll try it!

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