Friday, June 11, 2010

Sewing Again!!

My little featherweight that I recently purchased from a local, has been through the ringer.
  • I oiled and lubed the featherweight.  It was bone dry!
  • I reconfigured the tension assembly, after acquiring an "e" washer.  Still didn't tension correctly, so mom brought down a new tension assembly.
  • Mom tried to "time" the featherweight, look at the needle hook assembly, but she did all that she could do.
  • I took the featherweight to a local sewing machine repair place.  On the first try, after adjusting the "timing", the "timing" slipped.
  • I then addressed these issues on Graham's Featherweight Yahoo group, and Graham had some suggestions, as well did other members of the forum, one being, take another featherweight to the sewing machine repair person, so that they could compare a working featherweight, with my little machine.
  • Took my "zippy" featherweight (looks bad, works great) and that is what Carmen did, she fixed it!  The gear underneath that you use to time the machine had to be loosened, and everything else tightened, along with a location of a screw, repositioned.  Wow, the stitch on this machine looks great.
So here is my recommendation.  Sewing machine problems?  Go to Carmen Hardy, owner of Sewing Machine Repair at 6110 39th Street, Groves, Texas 77619, 409-962-7483.  She did a great job!

And now I have a nice little featherweight......this thing probably never worked good until now!


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